7 thoughts on “Getting Beyond It!”

  1. Beyond Surviving have help me to identify and establish with whats important to me and to work towards them day by day. Ms. Carter demonstrates showmanship, wisdom and knowledge of the class. I’m looking forward to the next class. And the price is great!

  2. Apostle Sonja Carter has been a breath of fresh air in my life! Through her, I have learned to come out of my stuck places and live life fearless and to the ultimate fullest. As my personal life coach, Apostle Carter has taught me not only personally but also by example how to get beyond “it”, and press forward in a life of purpose. Thank you Apostle Carter, I am truly grateful!!!

  3. Entering into the class of Beyond surviving that was held by Life coaching counselor: Ms. Sonja, was a great opportunity for me. I am so grateful of her unfailing commitment to see my strength and ability; where I seen weakness and inability. She help me to identify and recognize personality traits that helped me to be more effective. So far in just a few classes I have received a whole new outlook and understanding of what it truly means to work towards creating balance and wholeness in my life and I would recommend to anyone who truly wants to make a positive change both in how they view themselves and others and to just simple “Get beyond it” . This class is for you Awake and Achieve Your Greater Now! ..Thank you Ms. Sonja Carter I have learned how to manage and enjoy life,

  4. I attended your BS Women’s Coaching class this past Saturday, and I had a phenomenal time! Thanks for teaching us that procrastination is a cover up for fear, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized it to be true. I just never realized it until you put it in our ears. I am beyond grateful for what you have to offer, as it is helping many women. In your words…”there’s so much more on the other side”, and I’m truly looking forward to that other side. Thank you and God bless you!!!!!!

  5. We had an amazing time last night at the Single’s Coaching class. I was empowered even the more about self development and so looking forward to more of my own personal growth. Loved the question you posed, it truly gave us something to think about…”would you marry you?” A question that everyone should ask themselves before marriage. Thanks again for the awesome teaching. Job well done!!!

  6. True and lasting transformation is a gradual process and I must say the time that Ive spent with Sonja Carter-Blatch as my life coach have been life changing. I remember being a mousy, quiet person who would never speak up for themselves. I’m blossoming into a woman who is whole and sure-footed and I am proud of the strides that Ive made with her counseling services. Always patient, loving yet firm in her delivery; Apostle Carter-Blatch seeks to heal an individual from the inside out. She has awakened me to many parts (gifts, talents, hobbies) of myself that I had not previously been aware of. She always takes her time and I can tell that she is authentic in her concern for her clients. Her willingness to listen and her patience is what drew me to her. In her sessions I felt that I could be honest with her and if I had a slip or contradicted her advice she would reassure me that I was on a journey that was full of peaks and valleys. As a woman of God I concerned myself a lot with my spirituality but she caused me to concern myself with my soul and its wholeness also. I always walk away from her sessions feeling revived, renewed and ready to take on life with a new perspective . If you want true transformation in your life she is the person to entrust life-changing journey to.

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